The Lexdot Story

Tomorrow's Talent Network

An innovative legal marketplace. Today.

As technology increasingly becomes a part of legal life, the legal industry is faced with an ever-increasing need for easy access to trusted and affordable legal talents and a collaborative network. We embarked on a mission to set up a “go-to” marketplace for professionals of the legal sector seeking a rewarding flexible experience, and consumers seeking clarity and easy access to affordable legal services tailored to their needs.

Lexdot, an exclusive network of law industry freelance providers was launched to provide a targeted experience for everyone seeking legal help. It’s our ambition to create the most reliable platform for the industry flexible professionals to connect and work together, making legal services more accessible and affordable. We are building a platform that generates more business for providers and allows legal teams across the world to scale up with legal talents. Most importantly, we want to simplify the process of choosing the right professional for any kind of legal project for anyone, anytime, anywhere.


Clients Served

Creative intelligence Lexdot is a very effective way for consumers to find and choose service providers who are willing to work around their budget. I love the streamlined process of hiring legal professionals that ensures every party lives up to her end of the bargain. It has saved me a lot of time and money.

Britney Briggs

Lexdot In Action

As the traditional system fades away, our marketplace infrastructure technology equips and empowers consumers for the future economy.

What it does:

  • Users submit their project, set a budget and receive proposals from the professional community.
  • Professionals offer fixed fee legal services to the public.
  • Provides a virtual meeting place for law industry professionals and academics to connect, engage and collaborate.
  • A directory listing of on-demand legal professionals near you.
  • Integrates a robust service rating system.
  • Offers a modern job board.
  • Facilitates online project management, and more.
  • There's a formal complaints and dispute procedure in place.

What it doesn’t do:

  • Recommend, refer or match providers. You choose your own professional based on your criteria.
  • Engage in fee splitting or sharing. All client fees go to the professional. No commission fees.
  • Retain any fees in a way that will prevent the professionals from fulfilling their ethical duties to their clients.
  • Determine the scope, price or interfere with provider's independent professional judgment.
  • Guarantee the outcome of any gig or service .
  • Promote an unauthorized practice of law.