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Ahead of the Curve

Innovative digital legal marketplace

As technology increasingly becomes a part of legal life, the legal industry faces a unique set of challenges and opportunities which impact the delivery of legal services. It seemed obvious that the legal industry was in dire need of a fresh direction.  So we embarked on a mission to revolutionize the industry and bring it up to speed with current trend and practices. Lexdot, an innovative online legal marketplace was founded on this principle.

The platform is set up to disrupt the traditional law firm structure which has been resisting innovation for many decades and explore a more client-oriented, collaborative, and transparent approach to legal services delivery. Lexdot has since become an exclusive “go-to” marketplace platform for progressive providers of legal services seeking a rewarding flexible experience; clients seeking affordable access to legal services tailored to their specific needs and lawyers in need of coverage or court appearances.


Clients Served

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A Bridge To The Future

A mission to revolutionize the industry
Faced with an ever increasing need for easy access to trusted and affordable legal talents by SMEs and individuals, Lexdot offers around the clock access to vetted providers, communication tools, robust service rating and escrow payment systems on a platform built for the future. From freelance projects to entire case handling, court reporting to interpreting, legal documents to legal technology, the new breed of legal talents want to do what they are passionate about. They can now explore new opportunities and yet retain greater control over their work schedule and earning potential. This digital marketplace bridges the gap in the industry with a personalized direct access system that matches supply with demand in just a few clicks. The reliability of the platform, simplicity of use and ease of  access to tailored legal services for everyone at any time are some of our competitive advantages..

Creative intelligence Lexdot is a very effective way for consumers to find and choose service providers who are willing to work around their budget. I love the streamlined process of hiring legal professionals that ensures every party lives up to her end of the bargain. It has saved me a lot of time and money.

Britney Briggs

Leading The flexible revolution

Alternative Services

We envisioned a modern marketplace using electronic technologies to make high-demand legal needs accessible  from anywhere. Even the most experienced client-oriented law industry expert or law firms can use our integrated electronic network to connect with providers to get projects accomplished.

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On-Demand Talents

Lexdot caters for all legal talents, including lawyers, legal support service providers and other law professionals who are independent and flexible. The community is curated. The matching algorithm makes it simple to find and collaborate with the right talent for any project whenever required.


Cost-Effective Solutions

Lexdot is intended to operate on the predictability of costs against the idea of ‘billable hours’ which creates a sense of uncertainty. Packaged and fixed-price services are offered by top legal talents in many areas of law. Lack of resources should not hinder due process nor limit access to legal services. 

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