A Bit About Lexdot

Our story

Revolutionizing the industry

A few years back, two lawyers at the forefront of today’s fast-changing technology had a chat about disrupting the traditional legal consultancy and brick and mortar practice which has resisted innovation for decades. The idea was to formulate a modern platform that brings the industry players together; one that guarantees easy access to legal experts, transparency and clarity to clients. To achieve this, we figured it has to be a “go-to” platform for the progressive provider of legal services who wants to leverage the power of technology for a flexible and rewarding experience. With that goal in mind, we set up to revolutionize the industry. That marked the founding of Lexdot™, the flexible legal workforce in 2018.


Lexdot Advantage

The Lexdot Advantage

Options and access
Lexdot is equipped with powerful features crafted for on-demand services by professionals who want to explore new opportunities, yet retain greater control over their work schedule and earning potential. What sets the platform apart is the personalized direct access approach that matches supply with demand and enhances transparency. Lexdot represents the missing link in the globalization of practices; It strives to be the modern bridge to accessibility of affordable legal services to SMEs, firms, and individuals. Ultimately, it  gives the vetted talents the opportunity to practise what they are passionate about.

Creative intelligence Lexdot is a very effective way for consumers to find and choose service providers who are willing to work around their budget. I love the streamlined process of hiring legal professionals that ensures every party lives up to her end of the bargain. It has saved me a lot of time and money.

Britney Briggs

The Mission Behind Lexdot

A Global Marketplace

We envisioned a modern marketplace using electronic technologies to make legal services accessible  from anywhere. Even the most experienced client-oriented law industry expert or law firms can use the  integrated electronic networks to connect with lawyers or clients and get tasks accomplished.

connect from anywhere

On-Demand Talents

Lexdot is created to be used by all legal talents, including legal support service providers and other law professionals who are independent and flexible. The community is curated. The matching algorithm makes it simple to find and collaborate with the right talent for any project whenever required.


Cost-Effective Solutions

Lack of resources should not hinder due process nor limit access to legal services. Lexdot operates on the predictability of costs against the idea of ‘billable hours’ which creates a sense of uncertainty. Packaged and fixed-price services are offered by top legal talents in many areas of law.