Price & Fees


Legal Services Providers

Our goal is have you work comfortably at your convenient and get paid reasonably with no worries at all

It is completely free to sign up and there are plenty of opportunities for providers here. There are no hidden charges for you to create a profile, get verified or post fixed-price offers on the platform. Our providers are classified as independent contractors for tax purposes. However, you may encounter some fees based on your activity on Lexdot, and optional fees will apply if you decide to purchase any of the extra features that are available in our membership packages.
We charge a marketing commission of 7% of the fees originating from the platform. This includes the fixed price offers when they are purchased, and when you are hired to perform a task. The commission fee we charge is taken as a percentage of the total cost after the project is paid for.

We require that legal service providerse complete their profiles and be verified before assignments and payments are released.

The following is the fee table:
Registration: FREE
Post Offers: FREE
Submit Proposals: FREE
Basic Membership: FREE
Plus Membership: £10.00
Prime Membership: £30.00
Commission: 7%

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Clients & Employers

There are no surprises or hidden fees. You are not charged any fee to use Lexdot or to get proposals for your projects

Joining Lexdot is free for clients/employers too. He is only responsible for the agreed fee and pays nothing more than the amount due to the provider. The fee is levied at the time the task is awarded and accepted by the provider and the percentage will include any overage payments. Any new fee will not affect the tasks or project already in progress.

After a proposal is accepted, employers must provide funds equivalent to the total agreed amount. The payment is protected by our escrow system. We release the funds when the employer is satisfied with the work and delivery. An Employer may also cancel the task from his/ her dashboard up to 3 days after the task has been accepted, but not after the provider has started service. Please visit the security and Trust page for more information. It is also worth noting that due to the nature of some services, they cannot be withdrawn after delivery and therefore not eligible for a refund.

The following is the fee table:
Registration: FREE
Post a Project: FREE
Transaction Fees: None
Default Credit Deposit: £10.00
(It’s always free to post. This credit is used towards payment for jobs.

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