Freelancers in the Legal Industry

Freelancers in the Legal Industry

The advent of the highly sophisticated technology has seen the employment sector face a major revolution. Budget-conscious clients are constantly looking to cut down on necessary expenses. On the other hand, freelancers in the legal industry are looking to explore new income generating ways as aided through the power of the internet. The legal market is witnessing a rapid rise of legal professionals who are redefining how business is done.

According to statistics from a section of progressive law firms, it is expected that close to 30% of professionals in the legal market will be working as freelancers in the next five years.

Reasons for the Rapid Rise of Freelancers in the Legal Industry
There are many reasons that could explain this sudden shift that is sure to have some major implications both in the practice of law and the economic imperative as well. There are also divergent opinion on this volatile topic, where one section of the divide think that freelancers in the legal industry are not as effective as the conventional face-to-face legal expert.

Freelance lawyers are also seeking to break loose from the bureaucratic and demanding nature of the legal offices and organization. They want freedom, the ability to organize their own workload and plan their own schedule.

Depending on how one wants to work, they can take on more work and work intensively during certain periods and take on low amounts of work when other factors become limiting. Freelance lawyers can also freely choose what works for them and topics and tasks that they want to handle as opposed to brick n’ mortar legal practice. Freelance lawyers are also after spending more time with their family members, without necessary feeling the pressure or constrain of time.
However, it is also important to note that change is inevitable even in the legal market. In addition, technological change is contagious and lawyers who are joining the ranks of freelancers only serves to justify the assertion.

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