How Lexdot Works

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How Lexdot Works


Legal services delivered outside law firms

Lexdot connects businesses and individuals directly with the flexible law experts of their choice on a fixed or affordable price basis. Find and hire the right expert for you by just posting your project or circumstance. You will get proposals from matched providers. You may also browse the different skill categories, or use our search engine to find a specific provider.

  • → Posting Your Project

    Get Proposals For Your Project

    It is free to sign up and get started by telling us about your business or personal legal needs. Describe your project briefly and upload documents. You may also give an estimated completion time and budget. This will make is easier to receive tailored quotes from providers who would like to work on the project. You also have the option to browse through the Providers’ profiles and invite your favorite provider to submit a proposal. Review the proposals and profiles, and hire your preferred expert.

  • → Working With A Provider

    Collaborating With Your Provider of Choice

    The hiring process is very personalized and is completely based on your judgement and discretion. Work together with your Provider to create an Agreement and possible milestones. Describe the job as much as possible to the practitioner, providing the necessary information and tools as agreed to enable ultimate performance. As soon as your project is completed to your satisfaction, approve the job and let us know.

  • → Payment And Review

    We make payment simple and secure.

    Once a proposal is accepted, the client would be required to make the payment to the provider. We want to make sure that you get the high-quality final work product you paid for.

    Lexdot has an optional free tool to manage on-going projects, but performance and delivery are exclusively between you and your Provider. When your task has been completed to your satisfaction, we would like you to provide feedback to the Provider for the services received. Client review is an integral part of Lexdot. We have a built in review system that will allow clients to give feedback or rate the work carried out by providers. You can always return to your favourite  provider anytime.

Work as a Freelance Legal Services Provider

In an increasingly globalized world, the platform facilitates access to experts equipped to do their job across the globe. Our legal talents are independent professionals who usually provide freelance legal services to individuals, businesses, legal practitioners, law firms and corporate legal departments. From drafting legal documents and motions to covering hearings. Engagements can be short or long term, like  to covering major projects or a staffing shortage.

  • → Joining Lexdot

    It’s Free and Simple

    Professional services are relentlessly moving online because businesses are increasingly being done online. A reliable platform is indispensable and Lexdot is second to none. There are no fees for lawyers and other legal talents to join the platform or to respond to requests for proposals from clients.  Our providers are independent contractors. As a provider on Lexdot, you can post your services, send proposals for any posted projects or be invited by a client to submit a quote on projects posted on Lexdot. Learn more here.

  • → Managing Your Business

    Create a Professional Profile

    Build your brand by getting in front of clients searching for Legal Services talents that match your expertise. Your success as an on-demand freelancer relies on your ability to market yourself. Your whole profile content needs to do a good job of selling your services and winning new clients.  Lexdot gives you the freedom to manage and grow your business here. In fact, we want to grow with you. However, you are 100% in control of your client’s day-to-day needs and quality check of the delivery. The greater the success you have on projects, the more likely you are to establish repeat relationships with clients. Lexdot provides free access to our optional document collaboration software, but we  expect the providers to have their own liability insurance.

  • → Performance & Delivery

    Get Responsive and Get Paid

    At Lexdot, we know that performance is not affected by the lack of experienced talents, but other factors such as clarity and lack of trust. We ensure that the  client deposits money or credit to his account to fund the project implementation. This guarantees that the provider is focused on her services knowing that she will get paid for any work completed and delivered. In the same manner, we want providers to meet their obligations before getting paid. Using Lexdot is free, but we charge a marketing commission on some of the fees originating from the platform.

  • → Court Hearing Appearances

    Lawyers, Paraprofessionals and Witnesses

    Flexible legal service experts provide hearing coverage anywhere in the country. Lexdot makes it easy to get in touch with qualified coverage lawyers to represent you at your hearing when time is of the essence, and get a timely report on the result. It has never been easier to find an expert witness, court interpreters, transcriber or court reporters and other law industry talents.

Affordable preset legal service offers

Lexdot providers offer various fixed fee payment option instead of fees being based on a providers’s hourly rate. These services are marked as offers to Lexdot users on a fixed-price basis rather than on a project basis or hourly basis. These services are purchased strictly on those terms described in the listing. Purchasing these cost-effective legal services does not preclude users from working out other service arrangements with the provider.

  • → Purchasing a Fixed Fee Service

    Receive the service as listed

    Various services or service bundles are offered by providers and listed on Fixed Price service Section. The buyers are required to make the payment in advance. The payment will in provider’s wallet as a pending payment. When provider accepts to complete the project, the money will move from pending balance section to available balance in provider’s wallet.

    These fixed cost quotes also enable you to compare legal costs from other trusted legal services providers, and may be the beginning of a long lasting relationship between the parties.

  • → Payment and Acceptance

    Peace of mind for both parties

    We accept all major online payments method. Once the service is purchased, the client would make the payment immediately and it’s received and transferred to the provider’s wallet when the provider confirms the transaction.

  • → Task Mile Stones

    Payment can also be made using our Milestone Payment system. This means that you can divide project payment in a few smaller installments and release payments according to a schedule of goals you set or when a provider finishes a milestone of the project.

Leverage your professional network

Law firms and corporations can find and engage professionals in the location of their choosing and at a price they feel comfortable with, for a full-time or contract work. Legal teams can scale up with high quality, experienced talent for support or add extra specialist skills without growing fixed overhead. The built-in message system enables professionals to communicate with each other.

  • → Listing a Job

    Tools to Access More talents

    Join Lexdot as a company and your job advert is free to post. You can compare skills, experience, location and costs across the legal sector to find the right provider and get the legal provider you need.

  • → Sending an Offer

    Extend a professional offer

    Sending an offer or proposal for a job or an assignment is as simple as reviewing the details of the job and responding with a resume and proposal if you posses the requisite skills described in the listing.

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Corporate Legal

A Individuals & SMEs

For start-ups and everyone with legal needs, Lexdot facilitate connection with the law sector experts and provides an unrestricted access to affordable legal services providers

legal talents

B Legal Professionals

For legal service providers who want to work independently or expand their clint base, Lexdot provides the opportunity for growth, global reach and the freedom to work how you want.

Law Firms

C Firms & Corporates

For corporations and law firms that utilize legal process outsourcing or extra support, Lexdot provides the portal to scale up and collaborate with high quality specialist skills.