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With the advent of technology surging through all spheres of life, it is critical to understand the latest industry developments. Many corporate legal departments have moved to the cloud and big laws are investing in new technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI). Many legal processes can be broken down and performed efficiently outside brick and mortar offices by flexible professionals, with a combination of technology. The next level of the business is being able to get work done from anywhere at any time. Learn how it works. Joining Lexdot has a lot more benefits that go beyond flexibility and efficiency, the possibilities are endless. Think outside the box!

Grow Your Audience

Legal meets technology here! The new generation of legal talents want greater control over their schedules, and a better work-life balance and we help to keep it hassle-free. Join these new breed of professionals who are disrupting the legal industry.  You too can be a key player in the new legal landscape, with the benefit of providing your services conveniently and expanding your professional network. It’s free to join. There are no hidden fees or upfront payment.

Experience Infinite Flexibility
stay connected

Stay Connected

Clients have variable new demands that must be met quickly, and providers must keep abreast of these new demands. Our growing network of legal freelancers around the world may collaborate to render legal services online and offline.

grow your business

Grow Your Business

Lexdot makes it easier to build your network and grow your business from basic legal tasks to complex matters. Providing your services here doesn’t go too far beyond just creating a profile and marketing your expertise.
work life balance

Work-Life Balance

Whether you choose to work out of an office, or a coffee shop, becoming a Lexdot provider offers invaluable freedom and work-life balance. Expand your client base while at it, and reap the benefits that go beyond being a freelancer.
legal networking

Pursue Your Passion

The gig economy is here to stay.  If you have the qualification, skills and equipment to do a legal job you are passionate about, you can start immediately to offer it to potential clients, You can focus only on a particular skill or set of skills or just do it as a way to generate extra income.

safe cost

Immense Flexibilty

 You have control of and access to your pay as soon as you’ve worked. We also wont let you start a job without some payment guarantee. Cost saving is the biggest attraction for firms that outsource their legal work. At Lexdot, we do not want to see providers get caught out and exploited by clients.

24/7 support

Free, clear & simple

There is no contract or fee to get your practice going on lexdot. Signing up and working on the platform is absolutely free, but we also have optional paid membership levels. You are welcome to  join our community of legal industry service providers by completing your professional profile.

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