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11+ years rich experience in legal domain, such as, Contract Management, Drafting/Vetting of Contracts/MOUs/Notices/ Replies/Court Cases/Police Complaints, Liaisoning, Compliance Management, Litigation, NCLT, Legal Recovery/Recovery Suits,…

Skilled Full Stack Web Developer
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I am a qualified barrister with eighteen years’ experience as a contracts lawyer, most of that in-house. I have worked for private companies on commercial…

Driving the Communication Revolution
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I am Solicitor of the Senior Courts in England and Wales. I assist both private and business clients and specialise in Civil and Commercial Litigation.…

Legal Assistance
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My philosophy is the simple human approach to everything through experience, (20 years) and education, (6 years). Telling it like it is in short understandable…

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  • 03 to 06 months
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