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What is

Cross-border Practice?

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Cross-border is defined as an action between different countries or involving people from different countries. The term, when tied to legal practice, relates to the provision of legal services between countries or states, beyond the borders of the lawyer’s state of origin.
Traditionally, lawyers practice law exclusively in the country where they completed their legal study. In other words, lawyers were single jurisdictional. In the recent decade, however, with the advent of globalization, there has been a shift from lawyers practising exclusively in their respective jurisprudence to the increase in cross-border practice and transaction.

Some matters that could be handled by cross-border practitioners include mergers and acquisitions; market entry strategies; debt and equity financing; joint ventures with a special focus on mining projects; tax planning; contract manufacturing arrangements; EPC and EPCM agreements; distribution agreements; research and development agreements; sales and supply agreements; license agreements; establishing and enforcing intellectual property rights; and dispute resolution through litigation, arbitration and mediation. Find experienced cross-border practitioners attorneys on Lexdot.

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Lexdot is client-driven. The providers are pre-screened independent freelancers. Every transaction is between you and your provider. All that is required for you to begin is to provide details of the service you need; our experienced and high-quality cross-border practitioners will respond with their proposals. You may also choose to connect with a preferred provider. Rest assured you will get affordable excellent service and peace of mind with our fixed fee billing strategy.

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