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What is

A Startup?

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A startup is a young company that is just beginning to develop. Startups are usually small and initially financed and operated by a handful of founders or one individual. These companies offer a product or service that is not currently being offered elsewhere in the market, or that the founders believe is being offered in an inferior manner. Sart up professionals may help in areas such as:

    • the appropriate business structure and drafting shareholder agreements
    • private equity, venture capital and angel fundraising
    • share schemes including EMI schemes and other tax support including with SEIS/EIS advance assurance applications
    • intellectual property issues, including protection and exploitation of IP in the UK and internationally

The potential risk of starting a new venture is enormous, get some legal help.

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Lexdot is client-driven. The providers are pre-screened independent freelancers. Every transaction is between you and your provider. All that is required for you to begin is to provide details of the service you need; our experienced and high-quality startup experts will respond with their proposals. You may also choose to connect with a preferred provider. Rest assured you will get affordable excellent service and peace of mind with our fixed fee billing strategy.

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