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Remote legal work is today’s reality, and more lawyers are working flexibly for themselves. The experienced independent legal professionals in the Lexdot network have proven that remote work for legal professionals is not just possible but can also provide an excellent lawyer/ client experience in just a few clicks. Lexdot is a global flexible legal workforce – a network of legal professionals.
We are not a lawfirm.
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Lexdot bridges the gap between the legal industry and the gig economy with a global workforce of future-ready legal talent. Our model is the latest approach to legal work, and our network is the newest breed of legal professionals working flexibly and on demand.
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Lexdot for Individuals

Gain access to industry experts, cost-effective and transparent, flexible legal resources that meet your need

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On-demand legal expertise tailored to the needs of start-ups by experienced and affordable professionals

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Lexdot facilitates building partnerships with a common purpose and effective in-house legal teams while you focus on other matters

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Join the fastest-growing network of world-class legal professionals for opportunities for freedom, collaboration and a global scale