Task Manager

Lexdot Real-time workroom

Real -Time Project Management

Task Manager is our digital wok environment that facilitates free flow of information to achieve the goal of your project. The many excellent features help make your life and those of your client’s life easier and your business more efficient. The application is a great way to stay organised and interact with clients on a secure platform while you focus on doing what you love.

Project management with this application is an optional solution for those that want to manage their projects, or tasks online, on our platform. It does not require technical or management skills.

Some Features of Task Manager


  • Manage unlimited projects and clients
  • Manage permissions and roles
  • Add objectives to projects
  • Create folders, files and forms
  • Create tickets and assign priority
  • Create custom documentations


  • Real-time conversation
  • Get notifications of updates
  • Create teams, roles and chats
  • Log hourly time on projects.
  • Set To-do lists and reminders.
  • Follow up on lead forms


  • Plan and map progression
  • Complete and archive tasks
  • Switch between calendars
  • Offline view and download
  • Link documents across projects
  • Keep track of billings and invoices